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Daddy and Mummy's Birthday Celebration!
Sunday, March 12, 2017 11:59:00 PM
Happy Birthday to Dad and Advance birthday to Mum! 

Every year this day, we will always celebrate Dad & Mum's birthday together because their birthday is only 3 days apart. Time really flies, i still remember last year, the sister and i bought a new phone for Dad and a massage chair for Mum. But this year, we decided to bring them out just for a simple dinner. My parents love Zi Char compare to other food, so this year we went to Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant. This was the first time there, we reached about 7plus and the whole coffee shop was packed. SO MANY PEOPLE! I think i over ordered, because the 5 of us ended up so full! 
Scroll down for more food picture,

寿面 for Dad and Mum, this is medium size and the portion is HUGE, we didn't manage to finish it. 


辣椒螃蟹 with buns! THE CRAB IS HUGE! I nearly ordered 2 crabs, i told my mum I've never had such a big crab in my whole life. The crab is so fresh! Satisfied my tummy! I will come back for this crab in future, by the way this crab is more than 1kg. SO SHIOK!
See what i mean? The crab is so huge!
Last but no least, dessert is 白果芋泥。Big portion and it's very sweet. By the way, this is the smallest size of it.

After dinner, cake session. Thanks to the bf who got the cupcakes, i don't think we can finish it if we bought a cake. And ya, while having dinner we realised that there is actually quite a few people's birthday today as well. 
Twelve mini cupcakes.

Once again, Happy Birthday to Daddy and Advance birthday to Mummy! ^^

Monday, March 6, 2017 5:19:00 PM
Finally back to my little space here, the last time i blog was 2014. Time flies so quickly~ It's 2017 already. 

Am trying my best to blog more often from now on, want to track down all my memories :) If you haven  realised, i've updated the header photo with my fav picture of the bf and myself taken a week back ^^v

2015 and 2016 have been a great year for me so far and i hope 2017 will be even more great! I've made a big decision on 2016 with the support of my bf and my family. Thankful and blessed with everything i have now, working really hard for the future.

Throwback to 11 Feb 2017, FT Island concert (THE TRUTH) ! My first ever concert, thanks to the cousin who got the ticket and bringing the sis and me. YAY!!! I used to be a FT Island fan in the past, because of Lee hong-gi. His voice is, daebak and he's damn cute even live! Hahaha. Have a great time even i don't really know any of their new songs now, i still prefer the old ones. 
Shall let the pictures do the talking,

My first ever concert ended so quickly, i still enjoyed myself even when i feel ear deaf when the concert ended. EVERYTHING IS JUST SO LOUD. Thank you to the cousin who got the ticket, hopefully more concert to go :x

Uncle's Wedding!
Monday, June 30, 2014 10:46:00 PM
A brand new month tomorrow, 1st of July which mark another brand new month w baby. Can't believe we're turning 5 years and 6 months in few hours time :D

Well, I finally found some time to update this little space of mine although i'm rushing for my assignment :( Yeah, i'm so sick of it. Exam after that.. I really can't wait for October to arrive.. I can't wait to finish my life as a student. Enjoy so much on uncle's wedding with baby around. I managed to complete my assignment before heading back, so i was pretty much enjoying myself there. I must say, i have a pig boyfriend who sleep almost all the time. He literally sleep all the way. And my little cousin who stick to him keep finding him the moment she reach granny's place. Here's the conversation between me and her.
Cousin: Where's KorKor?
Me: Sleeping again.
Cousin: Huh? Again? Why is he always sleeping?
Me: You ask KorKor later when he wake up ok?
She's too cute. Hahaha.
Picture when uncle is back, i managed to wake baby up to take family photo ^^
Major love. I've always wanted to take family photo at granny's side. Because our family was big, we always didn't have full attendance, this round too. My sister wasn't in the photo. She was so jealous when she saw this photo. I've missed several chance to the family photo due to school and exam. Although i managed to get this photo, but the feel was different.. Because grandfather wasn't in the photo, not anymore :( Feel kinda of sad..
We had buffet dinner or lunch almost everyday there.. Baby and me slept over at Dar's house instead of granny's. Went over to Dar's house, prepared and we went to the salon to get our hair done. Nothing could describe how much i love my hair after perming. I always prefer perm hair then straight. But not baby, i asked if i look nicer with perm hair and his answer was No! He still prefer me with my boring straight hair :/ Yes, and also he doesn't like me applying make-up. He'll rather me without any make-up on even when it's our anniversary... 
 Then, changed make up and went over to the place where they held the wedding dinner. Was so happy because i'll definitely have good food. Who doesn't love good food? I always love attending wedding dinner. 
 Photo w some of the cousins :D
 Yay to FOOD!! Thankful that baby was there, he was always there taking food for me like what he usually do when we're out ^^
 Totally enjoy myself at the wedding w many relatives. Managed to catch up a bit w them.
 #throwback photo w darling during chinese new year. 
 Not a Hello Kitty Fan, but managed to collect the whole set with certificate. Thankful for baby who bought different kitties for me on different weeks.
Meet up w the fav girls weeks back.. Let the photo do the talking :)
 It's only a few hours of meet up but we totally enjoyed ourself, and we always have never even things to talk about. Cheers to our 9 years of friendship! More to come! It will be the 10th year next year! So looking forward to it. Hehehe.
And, presentation week last thursday. It's an individual presentation and i'm too nervous. I think that i'm actually talking nonsense the moment i'm infront of the whole class :/ 
 Dar's birthday on Friday. She came over to my place in the afternoon and headed our for her birthday dinner and as well as belated father's day dinner w the family and baby :D
 I ordered way too much food and baby was there nagging at me saying i don't wanna listen to him. Ended up both of us have almost the whole bowl of rice left over :/ The food was so good!!
 Then, Saturday. Initial plan was to go to Dakota to have dinner w baby and his family and ended up the place was actually doing renovation. So sad. We went over to Stadium (Kallang wave) a newly open shopping center to settle our dinner at Thai Express then shopping after that.. I managed to buy thing at any shop i entered. :O Baby encouraged me to buy more because they are having sales and their item was so cheap!!! In the end, we bought managed to get more clothing to add to the wardrobe! :D
Ending this post w the photo taken on Saturday. Happy 5 years and 6 monthsary to us in advance!


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